Software, hardware, furniture, and music gear I use.

Things I use to make other things.

Daily Drivers

  • Mac Mini, M1, 16GB RAM (2020)

    I picked this up when they first come out and it's where I spend most of my time. I use this machine for development, music production, and video editing. I'm a big fan of the M1 chip and the performance has been great. When I upgrade, I have my eyes on the new, more powerful, Mac Studio now that I'm doign more video editing.

  • 14” MacBook Pro, M1 Pro, 32GB RAM (2021)

    I picked this up with the intentions of using it as my main work station, but I ended up using the Mac Mini more because it "just works." I use this for design work when I need accurate color reproduction and for when I'm on the go.

  • Dell UltraSharp 43 4K U4320Q

    I don't like ultrawide monitors, but I wanted a big monitor for video and music editing. This monitor is great for that, but it's a little lack luster for building pixel perfect, crisp designs.

  • Herman Miller Embody Chair

    An expensive chair, but it's worth it. I've had this chair for several years now and it's been great.


  • AZ Studio Elite Sit-Stand Studio Desk

    I absolutely love this desk. It has everything in a desk that I use both for music production and software development. I can stash my Komplete Kontrol S88 keyboard in the dedicated tray and have a clean desktop. I also love the sit-stand feature. I can quickly adjust the height of the desk for when I'm programming or when I'm producing music.

  • Focal ST6 Studio Monitors

    After upgrading from a pair of Yamaha HS5's, these things are amazing. You can hear details you've never heard in songs you've probably listened to hundres of times.

  • Universal Audio Apollo X8 Interface

    Universal Audio is the gold standard of audio interfaces and their built in preamps sound great. I love the onboard DSP processing because it allows me to monitor in almost realtime with effects like reverb and delay applied with little to no latency.

  • Guitars

    Too many to list! I'm a huge fan of PRS and Ibanez guitars. My main guitars are an Ibanez Prestige AZ2204 and PRS Custom 24-08 Charcoal Burst 10-Top.